About Dr. Asher




Here is a list of my personal interests.

  • Food

  • Nothing makes me smile like a nice meal. No one says you can't eat ribs, hamburgers, or lasagna. It is the portion size and the frequency that really makes the difference. Studies have shown that it is simple calorie counting that will prevent the bulge. I will be sharing some videos on good food and portioning soon.


  • Cars


    I like cars! I mean I love cars, but if you are able please trying walking to places which are nearby. This will improve your health. Please consult your doctor before trying, but walking can be the start a younger feeling you. :)


  • Travel


    I'm a big travel buff. My family and I love to travel.

    Below are a few great destinations:


    Barcelona, Spain-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barcelona


    Anguilla, British West Indies-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anguilla


    Belize City, Belize-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belize_City


    San Diego, CA, USA-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Diego


  • Real Estate Development


    As a medical student, I purchased an old run down house in the slums of Nashville. Neighbors described it as a "crack house." After 3 years of working on the project, I had made this eyesore a home that a president could visit. I learned that you must find something you believe in no matter what others call it and it make it into what you believe. We all have the power to change and create something beautiful.


  • In 2007, we built our new facility for Choice Medicine, a non profit healthcare center. The construction was amazing and I have to thank Ashnah Construction Company for their assistance. This construction company is located in Toney AL assisted us in our efforts locally to bring Choice Medicine into the community. I am very happy to have been involved with the growth and I would like to recommend this company when you want your building be done right.


  • Please consider Ashnah Construction Company for your building and remodeling needs their website is below:

  • Ashnah Construction Company-www.ashnahconstruction.com


  • Science and Politics

I have been told that politics is not something you should talk about openly because it can be as emotionally charged as talking about religion. So please feel free in person for us to have that igniting discussion. lol


My broad interests are in health and wellness and I have a special interest in occupational medicine and in health disparities. I also am interested in the changes we are experiencing in the business of healthcare. Our patients deserve better quality and more affordable care. Now we must find ways to pay the "light bills" while keeping our patients care at the highest level  and lowest costs possible. This is my supreme Goal.





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